Introduction to concepts, fundamental design elements, and systems of order that inform two and three dimensional design. Principles of proportion and scale with an emphasis on the relationship between the human body and three-dimensional space are present. The refinement of the design process is also emphasized.

The Thick Square

Uses primary architectonic elements to define and control space: linear elements, shifting, repetition and grid.

Thick square copy
Model 9x9x1″
Thick square sections final copy

The Cube

Stretches the thick square into a cube by exploring various spatial conditions.

Model 9x9x9″
Cube axo section copy
Axonometric (Sectional 45/45)
Cube axo plan copy
Axonometric (Planimetric 45/45)

The Stair Promenade

Negotiates a 9’ elevation change with a series of stairs, steps and platforms. In addition, it provide an excavated entry below the ground surface to a water-well as well as an elevated observation platform.

Iso 24x24 copy 2
30/30 Isometric

Cemetery Wall

An entry to a cemetery with a place along the wall to contain the cremated remains of the deceased, one small bathroom and a small shop to buy flowers and candles.

Isometric Diagram: Concept

Precedent Analysis- Case Study House 1950

Analyzes and examines circulation between exterior and interior spaces, and the skin (glass vs. solid).

Artist Patio House

Patio house on a sloped Miami site for my client, artist Sarah Sze. This house was for a family of four; two adults, two children and occasional guests. Must provide areas to sleep, shower, eat, cook, entertain, make art, exhibit art, storage and a one car parking space. Site must also contain one large garden, one smaller garden, an exterior shower and a swimming pool. All of this must be designed with the artist in mind.

9 copy
Model (Plan View)
Plan copy 2
Iso copy
Isometric 30/30
Sectional Model
Rendered 1pt Perspective Section

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